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Shiva Loves His Son Kartikeya

What a beautiful pic from the net! Indeed, Shiva loves His son Kartikeya. But Shiva loves us all also, because He is the father of all creation!
Shiva is Universal, just like Yoga. Just like anyone can do Yoga, anyone can follow Shiva. He is beyond castes and religions.

Learning great wisdoms from Shiva Himself, the ancient Kashmiri Rishis, were great adepts at both the spiritual and material life. They understood that by creative contemplation and some methods of affirmative visualization, one could re-direct the current way of living only the material life, into a great synergy with spiritual life.

And we can imbibe this wisdom for ourselves.
We can learn that spirituality and materialism are not opposed to each other, but are,in fact, designed to be complementary.
We can explode into our spiritual consciousness :
If we came to understand that all of life is a matrix which has been authored by a loving God in a distant beginning. And that we can uncode that matrix and become a happy participant in the play of life.
Yes, life is all a play created by God. But it is not a play to amuse Him at your expense, rather it is all for your benefit, as the child of a great King.
I felt the need to make the spiritual process of learning simple; in an uncomplicated language, and that is what my effort is each day as i post for you all.
If you need further help to understand this more in a talk, please inbox admin for an appointment.


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