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How to Reach Khatu Shyam Dham in English


Ringus station on Delhi-Ajmer route is the deboarding station for Khatushyam Ji temple. Khatushyam temple is 17km from this station. Regular Bus (Rs.20/pp) or Shared Jeep (Rs.30-40/pp) is available whole night which drops you to the temple premise. The temple and the surrounding area is very clean and well kept. Lodging is available for all types of people rich or poor. Plenty of dharamshalas, ashrams and hotels are available starting from Rs.100/night. Thousands of sweet shops are available but those near the temple 50 meter radius are the good ones (specially aggarwal, sawamani, shyam etc). There is Shyam kund just 100 meters from the main temple for bathing.


1) Buy sweets from selected famous shops.
2) Temple is crowded every year in March and every month on Ekadashi.
3) Post 8pm, rush is very very less (many people prefer this time).
4) Temple is simple with one idol. Entry and exit is well managed with barricades and temple personal everywhere.
5) Post 10:30pm (post temple hours), the frequency of bus or shared jeep reduces from Khatu to Reengus on normal days (non peak season) and area looks deserted.
6) One needs to park their vehicle and walk almost 500 mtrs-1km (sweet and other shops on both sides) to reach the temple.

A religious place nearly 17 kms from Ringas Railway Station. Lots of Conveyance option at any time of the day. Lots of Dharamshalas to stay and to get fresh. Lots of Rush of people but Queue is well organized and systematic. People there are friendly. Small market but you will get everything with ease. Temple atmosphere so peaceful. You will get the feel of God as soon as one enter the premises of the temple. Lots of Chanting of “Shyam baba ki Jai”. Altogether a must visit place who is devoted towards God.

Khatushyam is near Sikar on Jaipur Bikaner highway. This is Lord Krishna temple. People from all over come to seek blessings. This powerful deity is believed to fulfill all your wishes.Annual event attracts millions of devoties for which special arrangements are made.
It is only possible to reach near temple on foot as no vehicles are alllowed.
There are plenty good hotels and restaurents. A must visit if you can make a day off while in Jaipur.