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There are 5 aartis that are performed daily at the Khatu Shyam Ji mandir. The devotional ambiance and the serenity brought forth by the chanting and the aarti is incomparable, and if you were to plan a visit to this beautiful temple, you should try to attend one of these aartis.

Mangala Aarti: This is performed early in the morning when the temple opens its gates to the devotees.
Shringaar Aarti: As the name suggests, this is the time when the Khatu Shyam Ji’s idol is grandly ornamented, accompanied by an aarti.
Bhog AartiThe third aarti of the day, it is performed at noon when bhog or prasadam is served to the lord.
Sandhya Aarti: This aarti is performed in the evening, at the time of the sunset.
Sayana Aarti: Before the temple is closed for the night, sayana aarti is performed.
There are two special hymns that are chanted at all these times. These are the Shri Shyam Aarti and the Shri Shyam Vinati.

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